Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Walking Back

     Photo by Mary Bach

Snow steps carry me home,
not just the mile or two back to my house,
but all the way home
back to where Grandma waited
with warm hugs and hot chocolate,
back to the little, stone house
on the edge of town
surrounded by fields of corn,
back to my climbing tree
that reached across
the path toward the hen house,
back to my childhood.

This is for dVerse where Marina Sofia asked us to write about some aspect of the snowy weather.


  1. Childhood memories are the strongest... your picture and poem are a calmer take on the winter weather - not so much storm as its aftermath. Peaceful and rather inviting!

  2. snow days def take me back there as well....being out of school...I love riding in a sled...and going for walks in the snow...the hush of takes me back as well....

    probably why I am so upset we have had so little snow this year...

  3. Snow brings back all those memories.. One of my strongest is moonlight skiing with my father.. a great memory.. that I will use some time... love how you describe that walk coming back to childhood.

  4. That is a beautiful journey.

  5. Love the snow steps carrying you back to your happy childhood memories ~

  6. You write what my heart remembers!

  7. Can take one back indeed, until one has to drive in it

  8. A pleasure to read these warm memories, and a lovely photo to go with it too.Looks about the same there as here. I have hoped for more inspiration to strike, but after digging out from that last foot of snow, I'm done in!! Keep warm, Mary!

  9. Only less than a handful of snowy nostalgic stories for me down in Northern Florida.. but i can still see that first snow in '72 or '73.. clear as night in my mind now.. with my young neighborhood friends all in the same white wonderland that i too lived in with snow then...:)

  10. thanks! beautiful words & picture...even though i've been gone from NY for YEARS...i still miss it! i miss the COLD, the snow, snow days & building igloos, snow forts and snowmen. sledding. hot chocolate & mittens & scarves. boots and frozen toes. snow closed...monopoly all day with brother & sister. aaaaaah....thanks for reminding me! :)

  11. Thanks all of you! I am not answering here, but I have gone to read your lovely words and left comments. xx

  12. This is framed almost as a fairy tale, and resonate so with me...I carry just this kind of picture of happy times in every past season. Very nicely done, Mary
    Steve K.

  13. Oh my... Sorry for intruding - followed your link on a post from a mutual friends site. How incredibly lovely this is, other mary.... May Angelou said that people may never remember you for what you say or do - but they will always remember how you made them feel. I must confews that I spend way too much time in the past. Two or three times a year I travel to my childhood home, and last year one of my sisters and I visited the home of our grandparents - where we would sometimes spend part of our summers. Of course the people are all gone now. I travel to those place to see the buildings or land. I travel there for the feelings. That is the story line that jumped out of your poem at me. I think it is beautifully written.

    1. Thank you very much, it's no intrusion at all! In fact, feel free to follow. I'm glad this spoke to you in some way. :o) It's nice to go back, even if we can't really go back. Cheers.

  14. I adore poems that travel a memory's path…

  15. I'm living your childhood, I think(except Grandma is me.) And that's way better than reliving my own, I assure you.;_) This is nostalgic and lovely, Mary.