Friday, May 31, 2013

Alien Life

I swear
I must be an alien,
just visiting this planet,
without a clue
to the workings of this world
or its inhabitants.

I don’t want to draw
attention to

I try to figure out how to act
by observing
the indigenous species,
so I can blend in
and appear to belong.

When I was a kid my friend Lori gave me a teeshirt that said "I'm just visiting this planet" I wonder what she knew...
This is for G-man and his FF55 where folks offer 55 words of wisdom, wimsey or whatever!  Click on the link and check it out.


  1. smiles...there is some comfort in long as we dont lose ourselves...though at times it seems i dont understand much either...

  2. This is how I felt as a kid, all the time! A copycat I guess- thanks!

  3. Stranger in a strange land - I can totally relate to that feeling. That's neat about the T-shirt. Friends know us sometimes better than we know ourselves (or maybe it's that they clearly see the parts of us we keep most hidden).

    Loved this 55!

  4. It never hurts to acknowledge one's own bubble once in a while. Nicely written!

  5. I'd rather be an alien then be one of the hum drum

  6. I've had similar feelings. I swear I don't belong here sometimes. Awesome 55 :)

  7. Ha! Very clever. A feeling that is universal - we all are aliens! Yet so well captured here. k.

  8. An all too common feeling perfectly expressed.

  9. I think it actually might be a *good* thing to be an alien on this planet, being as how the indigenous species is definitely NUTS. This is a great take, Mary.

  10. I spent almost all of my childhood wondering how to get back to my home world, wherever that might be. Then I started reading science fiction. :)

  11. Wanting to chant 'take me to your leader .. take me to your leader'

  12. This is great! I wonder if we all feel this way wandering around and looking at the rest of society. I've finally decided it's better not to adapt to the ways of the natives, and I just accept my weirdness.

  13. So deep the idea and paradox between the idea of our spirit as just a visitor here that is different from a soul as we race to understand our lives that feels too late... angels, ghosts, and aliens and who knows how we try to say this next? Yes, razzamadazzle... you recognize the great and ask if it is about society as a whole, we are magicians really who can pull the rare card out of the deck not knowing how but pretending to the world such things does not freak us out as we accept them.

  14. When on Earth, do as the Earthmen do.

  15. Funny..I know just what you mean.

  16. Aha!!!!!!!
    I knew it!!!
    I knew you weren't from this world.
    You creative brilliance has to be from another planet
    Loved your introspective 55
    Thanks for sharing your imagination with us
    You have a Kick Ass Week-End

  17. Moving south... well, I felt I had joined another planet for a while. Was struck MUTE when I heard a woman at the pool talking negatively about black people in a way I have NEVER heard! I was stunned and so embarrassed for her. Thank God she moved away - Now I am ashamed I didn't speak up - it just stunned me so.

  18. See you on the Mothership back home, Mary!

  19. Wouldn't it be nice if we were aliens. Then we could leave.

    Flash 55 - prick lee

  20. Maybe WE are all the aliens and the actual indigenous species are drifting along and around between us,not wanting to communicate yet-- maybe never.

  21. I often feel like that... and I don't blend in all too well... : ) well-writ sis