Sunday, February 9, 2014

I Dream of Flying

     The Blessing Bringer by Lisa Graham

I dream of flying.
And in my dream
all the familiar things
fall away
until I am perfectly alone.
There is nothing
but wind and sun and me.

I have no
wax-wings to melt,
or finger-feathers to molt.
I do not hold on
to Superman’s cape.

I simply
 follow the curve of the earth
towards tomorrow
like all the heroes do.

This is for all the lovely toads in The Garden.  Grace has introduced the paintings of Lisa Graham, which can be found here Lisa Graham Art.  Follow both links to check out all the lovely poetry and paintings!


  1. In the third line, did you mean to start with "and"?

    I love this, and especially the final line.

  2. This painting is the one that spoke to me as well! Flying towards tomorrow sounds like a wonderful approach to the day!

  3. No fear of flying here, Mary--just a sense of purpose and fate. Lovely--I esp like the line about Superman's cape.

  4. Fly away and soar without a cape, that is talent indeed.

  5. I have no wax-wings to melt, lovely words, so fresh and vibrant, all the way through. A lovely piece with an awesome photo. At first I thought, is that our Magpie today, so I almost didn't click on this. I like to create my own before reading other posts!

    1. Thank you Karen. I've had a long dry spell, and I'm glad to be back!

  6. I like you allusions and free ending.

  7. I too wish to fly along with her:).........

  8. i dream of flying as well...mine are of wings like birds though, to feel the lift and press against it....

  9. What a great opening and closing to this dream of flying.. No precautions against Icarus' fate necessary.

  10. It's nice to follow earth, to be at the same vibes, with the same pulse...take efforts

  11. I specially like the second stanza, flying on our own wings & wind ~ Dream and fly on ~

    Thanks for linking up with Real Toads ~ Happy Sunday ~

  12. Thank you Grace - what a great writing prompt!

  13. Very nice, Mary. I too dream of flying, I fly out the window.
    Never do I see the ending but I dread it because I know there will be a thud.
    I liked the wheels in Lisa's picture here but I decided to use another with a different theme.

  14. Love it...there are so many heroes without capes...

  15. Wax wings and capes... great references to others who yearned for flight. One of my favorites, Mary. Quite well written.

  16. You flew right over the Friday Funfest.....

  17. Great poem. May you keep on flying.

  18. if heroes fly to tomorrow, then, do zeroes trail yesterday? well conceived, balanced, thought-provoking ~