Sunday, August 30, 2015

Fine Art

   Artist in His Studio by Remberant

Don’t you see
it’s the art that matters -
that’s what matters
they say,
not the artist
not the life
not the love
not the heartbreak
not the scars
not the anger
not the joy
not the long hours of boredom
not the sinking nights
not the coffee-infused mornings
not the growing pains
of body, or soul, or life, or death
that generated them
but the mill, the night watch, the philosopher in meditation
or the sunflowers, the irises, the olive trees
or guernica or three musicians or the kiss
so long as it matches the couch

Sometimes I wonder about how we judge the value of art, and in this picture, provided by Bjorn at The Imaginary Garden, the size of the canvas relative to the aritst is what prompted this particular little musing.


  1. I am smiling at your last line ~ Art is in the eye of the beholder, whether it be sunflowers, olive trees or three musicians....of course it should match the couch ~

  2. haha but it has to match or nuts might go postal

  3. I like how you have embedded the name of famous paintings, the guernica and nightwatch... very well done. The artist shrink compared to art, compared to life.

  4. Ah, so true.. and yet without the long list of life's pressure points, would the art be as good?

  5. This has such a lovely musical flow :D Gorgeous poem :D

  6. I love art ! I explore museums wherever I travel to.... While everyone else complains that they had enough, I , keep going :)

  7. Art is forged from least for me it has been. Love your last line...No matter what brought the art, it is vital it match the couch. :)

  8. I choose art first, followed by furniture, etc. selection! One must keep her priorities straight! I love your take on the portrait!

  9. how's that line go? art for art's sake... money for god's sake... ~

  10. I like what you've done here, Mary. The finished product, the 'work of art'(if popular, of course!) always seems more important than the ingredients that made it, that gave the artist his material so to speak. Yet you couldn't have one without the other. I especially like that ironic last line.

  11. Re-read, enjoyed immensely, great pay-off!