Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Peace - Poetry Potluck

For this prompt I tried a new (for me) poetic form, the Sedoka. It's actually two shorter poems, called katauta, each a three line a syllabic pattern of 5-7-7. The only other rule is that each three-line section should be able to stand alone. So the sedoka is two sections of three lines each with the following syllable count: 5-7-7 5-7-7
And here is my first sedoka

We are seekers all
racing, chasing after peace
but enveloped by chaos.

The peace that passeth
understanding is here, now,
if we only understand.


  1. How very true Mary.
    Thanks for this.

  2. cool take, Mary.
    Glad to see you experiencing new poetic forms.

    wise words.


  3. I really love that. I am in the peace mode myself right now. Something we all need. Peace be with you.

  4. sort of like haiku i take it?

    this is by far tho, an excellent read.

  5. Love it, the form simple, yet depth of words draws forth a stunning example.

  6. Yes if we could all only understand! Short and right to the point, I like it! Thank you for your comment at my blog!

  7. Passeth the salt please......:) love it!

  8. Pamela, thanks for stopping by.

    Jingle - yes, and old form that's new to me, thanks.

    Kristen - thanks, and peace!

    Poetry of the Day - Thanks. This form is also a Japanese form, and even older than haiku.

    Reflections - Thank you.

    Scentofmyheart- You're very welcome, really liked it. And thanks back.

    JBluesboy- Thanks, salt and pepper too?
    That line is actually an allusion from TS Eliot's 'Waste Land' and he too it from the Bible (don't know which book though).

  9. The two can definitely stand alone, yet compliment one another very well. Well done.

  10. I understand
    I like
    I will experiment

  11. The peace that passeth understanding is here if we just accept it. True indeed.

  12. Yes the peace is here within and now -- beautiful :)

  13. Beautiful...I believe in the within and I wrote about it "From Within".

  14. RPM - thank you

    Wordsasunder - Go for it, and thanks for reading

    Dan - Yes, but easier said than done.

    Bendedspoon - Thank you!

    Sam - Thanks for stopping by, I'll look at yours.

  15. I like the form, the flow, and the message. I especially like the first two lines:
    "We are seekers all
    racing, chasing after peace"
    Isn't it sad that even though it's peace we seek (I truly believe that everybody wants peace, deep inside), it's chaos we keep creating?

  16. True....my hardest part is finding the "here."

  17. Beat - that's so true, I'm constantly proving chaos theory is alive and well. Thanks for your kind words, and for reading.

    Athursdayschild - Here, here! lol, Thanks for stopping by :o)