Monday, May 9, 2011

For Erica

you look just like
the man
I fell in love with
long ago
how I miss him…


  1. Thank you Jingle - she can use blessings just now.

  2. I said this about my ex too. Splits are tough Mary, but they happen and people change. It's a sad fact of life. I loved my ex's simplicity when we met, he was uncomplicated, but it's this in the end that got on my nerves and forced a split. My love and blessings for Erica x

  3. Thank you RS, very kind of you. The problem with Erica and her beau is that he changed in ways she didn't like. It is sad, and no matter how right it is to split, it just takes time to get over.

  4. Gulp! So much said in these few lines!

  5. I do wonder if it would be possible for you to be Mary B or something similar on Poets United. I have been Mary from early on, and it gets to be confusing when we both have the same name. People don't know who is who, particularly when they can't see our pictures.

  6. I will try using Mary B or Other Mary. :o)