Saturday, May 28, 2011

Never Forget


ironic emblem
for Memorial Day
for a nation's conscience

sand, boredom,
taste of blood, beer
smell of tobacco
burning flesh
sound of laughter
screams, explosions, curses

honor, bravery, sacrifice
young soldiers 
with ghosts behind their eyes

So much to remember
so much to forget

Thank you

I submit this poem with humility.  I have no direct experience with war, other than watching the news coverage, such as it is.  My intention is to express honor and thanks for a sacrifice I can't even imagine.  Also linked to Poets United poetry pantry.


  1. Mary Bach...
    Your inspiration was put to good use.
    Terrific 55 My Friend.
    Please join us again next week, only make it a bit earlier.
    I hope you found this to be creative and challenging, thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Sunday

  2. Lovely piece, Mary, and so true, remembering those who lost their lives rather than hijacking the day for parties.

  3. Thanks G-Man. Your 55 made this a better poem.

    Brigid - Thank you. Yes, there is that tendency to use the day as an excuse for a party or, even worse, a sale.

  4. Mary, the irony never occurred to me, and you are right. I do honor those who have given their lives, but the men at the top, those who make decisions and make obscene amounts of money at the cost of idealistic youth, are to be scorned. War will never be the answer.

    American Memorial Day is just an excuse to sell fertilizer. More irony at your local Lowe's. Amy

  5. Agreed absolutely Amy. Thanks.

  6. You submitted your poem with humility, Mary, but you said it so eloquently. I don't think we have thanked them enough. There are so many vets who still haven't received the services that they deserve. I enjoyed reading your poem. Thank you for sharing it.

  7. Olive Tree - Thank you, I share your sentiments. Glad this poem struck the right note for you.

  8. It is a strange flower for such an occasion.

  9. beautiful, love the color of red.

  10. Booguloo and Jingle - thanks for reading.

  11. Very good sentiments for those who helped secure what we have now
    You'd think war be over by now
    But oh no greed has to win out
    Never letting us see a drought
    But very nice write by you
    As I''m finally around for a comment too

  12. Hi Pat-
    It's good to see your face
    In this place :o)

  13. I wouldn't say Memorial Day would be opium for our nationa's conscience. My son-in-law is career army who has lost many comrades. I do appreciate what all these brave young men and women have done and truly believe we do need this day to remember...

  14. welcome back to us any time before next Thursday.

    love your professional attitude.
    your writing is gem alike.

  15. Very well said and artistically presented. I love the look of your blog too. So you must have an excellent eyes as well :)

  16. Mary - I mean no disrespect, more like Memorial Day isn't enough.
    PPPL - Thanks so much. I appreciate your comments, and the forum.
    Henry - Thanks man. Same to you, and I really like your profile pic.
    Pierre - Thank you, not my photo though, found it. Glad you stopped and left a comment.