Friday, August 23, 2013


     Image from IGRT

She melts,
on the floor
at the foot of your bed.

Her thoughtful light
is measured, mapped, portioned out,
named and known;
yet, do you hear her song?

Down at the shore,
her reflection 
ripples across the water,
into a thousand bits
as the surface is disturbed.

Do you know what she hides?

This is for G-man's FF55 and IGRT, both wonderful, yet different, sites.  You should check them out.


  1. that mid section was quite evocative to be known....and not heard....its like sex without talking you know...smiles...

  2. Mary, this is evocative and beautiful! :)

  3. That song would sure bring delight

  4. Full of a sense of moonlight and reflection, Mary--I also like the middle stanza, but the whole thing seems to call to the inner ear to pay more attention to what really matters. Enjoyed it much.

  5. This is so peaceful, evocative, and reflective :)

  6. Oh, I love the mystery in this!

  7. Yes, I know the mystery of the moon and you captured it wonderfully here.

  8. Beautiful, beautiful - is there anything like Moon for inspiration of the poetic kind? I love the intimacy & mystery combination here, the feeling that washes over me on reading your poem reminding me of times moon has entered my bedroom unabashed...

  9. You make me want to know her better.

  10. This is gorgeous, Mary. Your opening stanza is a brilliant hook and you have really delivered in 55 words.

  11. Mary Bach...
    You are 55 Perfection!
    Always deep, always thoughtful.
    You are a Literary Peach!
    Loved your enigmatic 55
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  12. Gorgeous, sis. You caught the aloofness beautifully and wrote in 55? I have part of a 55 but haven't been able to pare it down yet.

  13. Lovely ode to the moon specially the second stanza ~ She is indeed mysterious ~

  14. How beautiful you set the tone and captured the mysteries of the moon, Mary. This is really exceptional. I like it a lot!

    (Hey, am curious how you set this up as a "Link" in your comment for Gman's 55? Can you mail me this secret on FB!)

    1. If Mary can't - but I'm sure she can - I will. Just ask.

    2. and if they both fall through :)

      I can.

  15. The shy one - elusive, around the corner, waiting, what is hidden is deep, below the surface - all you see are the ripples on the surface. So well said. Liked it a lot.

  16. The tone throughout this is just lovely, measured, restrained and yet allusive in many ways.
    And thanks for linking Artemis to the August full moon - I didn't know that.

  17. Honestly, I can't pick out a favorite stanza, as they link together wonderfully. Such dreamy softness, I might leave my blinds open and invite her in the next time she is shining so brightly! :)