Friday, March 8, 2013

Frame of Reference

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Patterns are superimposed.
Shadows cut through sunlight.
Boxes are filled, labeled, filed, closed
with smart economy.

There is comfort
in repetition and regularity.
We can predict
with certainty
where the next line
will be drawn,
and the next.

But step through
the open door
and beware
the lavish beauty that awaits you.

Here's an offering for G-man at FF55.  Click on the link and check it out.


  1. At first I thought Pope- and then packing up a house -Happily I went through the door and smiled! Thanks

  2. Ah, it's good to break repetition now and again. Nice one.

  3. Ahhh the lavish beauty that awaits us we we step outside our comfort zone, the repetition and regularity. I love the idea of that and I love the smart economy of boxes packed and labeled. Super 55, Mary.

  4. Beware the lavish beauty

    I love the enigmatic strangeness of that phrase.


  5. Could come with strings, might want to slowly step through the door at first.

  6. Mary Bach...
    You are absolutely right, some folks need to
    Come out of their cave!!!
    Only you state it so poetically
    Loved your eye opening 55
    Thanks for playing, you Rock the Dairy State
    Have a Kick Ass Week End

  7. smiles...there is much to be said of facing the uncertainty behind the door...a break from the knowing just what is coming next.....

  8. This is comforting at first and I love the turnaround t the end.

  9. Very pretty poem, which can be read on many levels, stlll manages a lovely simplicity. k.

  10. Order v chaos, patterns and their shadows both powerful, even when harder to see--and beauty can be terrifying--excellent 55, Mary.

  11. That's right! Don't put me in a box! I can tango with turnips all I want!
    (seriously though, I like the way this piece moves from confinement to freedom)