Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lyric 2 Poem - Flash’s Song Lyrics

My Sister-in-law (Flash) challenged me a long time ago to write a poem made up of lyrics from 17 songs she chose. That means country western music, which generally makes my ears bleed!So, of course I did the only thing I could - I promptly lost the word doc. with the lyrics and my notes. I recently ran across it though, purely by accident, so inspite of great personal risk, I finally completed the challenge. The following poem is the result.

My story’s infinite
I have seen the ocean
I have seen the sky
and the birds, the trees, the falling snow -
no they were not made for me.

Sure as night will follow day
I’m certain that I am alone
(And) afraid of being left
I keep crawling back to you

We have crossed the Rubicon
let’s see how long
we forget
how the game goes
and I lay you to rest
to feel the give
and take
trying to hold on
I keep crawling back to you

It’s a hard road
creating want by
holding back
so my darling just
let it go by
you’re scared of what you’ll lose
or what you might gain
I ‘m afraid of crossing lines,
I’m afraid of flying blind
(so) I keep crawling back to you

I should have known better…
but now here I am
the world’s gotten colder
and love is not your stranger
it shattered slowly
it’s broken through-
so that’s today’s memory lane
with all the pathos and pain
(and) I love you more than I should
so I keep crawling back to you

The bad news is I never found the original doc. with all the titles and artists, so I can't properly give credit...unless Flash saved it and can help with that.


  1. Nice complilation, Mary!

    And now I'm wondering how your sister-in-law got that nick-name? (LOL!)

  2. All those who know the story of the nickname have been quieted!!

    I deleted this playlist eons ago. I know I went writer heavy and not Top 40!

    Here's what I can garner from what I see:

    Lori McKenna "One Man"
    Dawes "Western Skyline"
    Blacklab "Ten Thousand Years"
    Brandi Carlile "Looking Out"
    Aimee Mann "4th of July"
    Tom Petty "Crawling Back to You"
    Kasey Chambers "Hard Road"

    The list also included/may have included music by:
    The Dutchess & the Duke
    Tegan & Sara
    Mary Chapin Carpenter
    Lucinda Williams
    Kathleen Edwards
    Annie Lennox
    Emmylou Harris "Ballad of a Runaway Horse"
    They Might Be Giants

  3. Thanks Flash!
    Oh, and btw - the name came from the Dukes of Hazard. They had a litter of puppies she named after the characters, so one of her brothers named her after Sherrif Rosco's dog Flash from that show! :o)

  4. Oops, maybe I wasn't supposed to tell....

  5. That's a nice little yarn thar pardner....:)

  6. Thanks Jbluesboy...kinda blue-ish