Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sunday Scribblings #251 - Eternity

Eternity is…
Standing on the wrong side of the bathroom door
Waiting your turn in the doctor’s office
How long the kids have to wait to open their Christmas presents
The time it takes ‘Cherry Bomb Red’ fingernail polish to dry
A figure eight on its side
The time it takes me to balance my checkbook
How long I will love you

Alternate final line:
How long I will be a sap over loving you


  1. Aw, never stop being a sap, Mary. :)

    (Eternity is how long it took you to post this piece from Sunday! LOL!)

  2. lol, I'm an eternal sap! And, I actually left that comment on the SS site, that it took me an eternity to come up w/ something to write!

  3. They say great minds think alike, Mary.

    (Gee, that makes ME feel pretty smart!) :)

  4. Thanks Natalie!

    lol, Eric, not sure if it should make you feel smart! hahaha

  5. Love it.and I think sap works here. It almost could be a country western song!

  6. Thanks Margaret - lol, 'sap' it is!