Saturday, July 23, 2011

Haiku Blues

Blue and purple cliffs
reach out for heaven; instead
clouds slip through their grasp

New York’s central park:
oasis surrounded by
a concrete wasteland

Life in blues, shimmers
just under the surface of
a grey existance

'In Tandem' at Alias Jinksy has this writing prompt.  Click on the title to see it for your self!  This is my first visit time participating - thanks Jinksy!


  1. Oh, I like all three of these haiku - well done! I hope you play again:-)

  2. I find Haiku a bit restrictive, but yours here are very worthy. With Jabblog, I hope you will play again. And thank you for your comment on mine.

  3. I love haiku, and I love yours - especially the last one. Thanks for playing!

  4. Jabblog - Thanks; I stumbled upon this by happy accident. I will play again! :o)

    Doctor - Sometimes restrictions are a good thing. Thanks, and you're welcome.

    Jinksy - Thank you. The third is my fav too.

  5. Very nicely played
    You do haiku's really well
    I'm odd and like the second the best I must tell
    But you know I'm odd any way
    So that causes no dismay..haha

  6. Your Haiku interpretations are a delight to read. They offer a bit of freedom to discuss the graphic from three points of view, yet are related.

  7. Just delightful! I love your Haiku Mary. xx

  8. Hi Other Mary,

    I enjoyed all three of your haiku and previous posts weren't bad either.
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I shall be back. (no pun intended)

  9. All three are wonderful and do fit Jinksy's painting beautifully. Amazing really, that one painting can ignite so many ideas ;-)

  10. Pat - Thanks, you are unique, glad you like #2!

    Ann - Thank you, glad you stopped by.

    June - Thanks so much.

    Friko - I appreciate your reading and commenting, thanks!

    Carolina - Thank you; I agree it was a wonderful writing prompt.