Saturday, October 6, 2012

Autumn Romance

I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.― L.M. Montgomery

In autumn precious days grow short
and nights of somber darkness lengthen;
Earth falls in love with sweet la mort.

In autumn precious days grow short,
thin sunshine and deep shadows court;
seductive charms of winter strengthen.

In autumn precious days grow short
and nights of somber darkness lengthen.

This is fashionably late for IGWRT Transforming Friday.  The form is called a Triolet with the rhyme scheme of Aba Aab AB for when you really only want to write a little!  (usually in iambic pentameter or tetrameter)

Image by Mary Bach


  1. The triolet form has a wonderful musical rhythm and so well-suited to your Autumn theme. Just lovely.

  2. Thank you Kerry. I just love the triolet from, glad you think it works here.

  3. Beautiful. The repetition really accentuates the message. Love the triolet form as well.

  4. Beautiful triolet.
    In Atlantic Canada our autumn is in full swing now. Lovely!

  5. Great with the rhyme
    Such a fun time
    And yeah the darkness grows
    But soon the light once more flows

  6. The height of fashion I would say! Amazing poetry.

  7. I just came from taking pictures of autumn leaves on the ground. This is a lovely snapshot of the fall season ~

  8. some pretty cool repetition in this....the earth falls in love with death....but before, right before, it has one last brilliant moment...smiles.

  9. Nicely done Triolet, Mary.
    Especially liking this line:

    "Earth falls in love with sweet la mort."

    I can smell the damp leaves going back to the earth, feel the cool crispness in the air.
    I do so LOVE Autumn!!

  10. Beautiful...I have yet to attempt Triolet. The repetition makes me think of floating falling leaves.

  11. I LOVE this triolet - the form is intriguing. I may have to give it a try. Awesome writing.

  12. Another fabulous image, Mary. And your triolet is vivid yet subdued. Your diction honors the rhyme scheme with no sense of manipulation for rhyme's sake. Well written!

  13. The repeating line is definitely a great one for repeating...brings a mood for sure. Well written...thank you for writing to Transforming Friday RT!!

    1. Thank you Hannah. Sorry I missed your comment earlier.