Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sonnet #3 - Time

Ack - It's Saturday! How did it get this far into the week? I am a horrible manager of time (and most other things, come to think of it...but that's another story). So, today I have a story about time, and what a very odd, unpredictible thing it is...written mostly in the van on the way to Sandy's (I wasn't driving, whew) while the radio was on!

Sonnet #3

I wonder how it works - the time I mean
I just know it's a mystsery to me,
And probably that I will never glean
How time can be so vast, and yet so wee.

The boring things can make time last so long
It's pace is imperceptible at best,
But pleasant times go by just like a song
A bird might sing while feathering its nest.

And longer times can race or creep by too
As suddenly we take a backward glance
At years gone by and feel a little blue
And wish that we cuold have another chance.

If only we could know before they're past
To savor all these bits and make them last

alt. ending:

So Einstein's theory turns out to be true
Time's relative for me - is it for you?

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