Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The World Out There (snow shoeing & writing prompts)

Well, today was...hmmm, maybe that's the end of my sentence. This was not a terribly productive, creative or remarkable day. I did get a chance to go snow shoeing for a little while before the sun went down. I trudged around on the top of the ridge on our property. I have to make myself stop and really look - I am so saturated with the beauty of this place I forget. The snow, with a trillion sparkling specks flashing in the late afternoon sun. Crisp white snow, thin blue sky, and soft grey-brown trees all create this place I call home. Ok, I'm crap that that descriptive writing stuff, but here's something interesting: There were tracks all over... turkey, deer, and coyote. So that's mildly interesting, but one set of tracks went diagonally across the field, and then just stopped. Just stopped. They are shmeared and mussed, so can't be identified for sure, but I figure they must be from a turkey. And it only now occurs to me that it would be much more impressive if I had a picture of that, but hey...I'm just learning!

I have also peeked around a bit and found that there are LOTS of other people out there doing this! What's wrong with all of you? So, I have stumbled across several sites that give writing prompts. Here are a couple of them:



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