Sunday, January 3, 2010

First Post

I'm starting a blog - a poetry blog. I have no idea if this will be of interest to anyone but me, but it will at least get me writing and thinking about poetry. I didn't think much of blogs until I saw the movie Julie and Julia, and it suddenly seemed brilliant - or if not brilliant at least a good idea to try.

So I was thinking of a different type of poem each month, and do a poem a day (5 days/week), but Flash, my much geekier and more realistic sister-in-law, suggested one poem per week. Of course the one per week would be more polished; five poems per week would be very rough, and then maybe I would take one or two days each month to fiddle with them, to come up with a few more finished poems. But, being the agreeable (see: lazy) person that I am, I have decided to go with her suggestion of a poem per week.

So, this blog is one of my New Year's resolutions. Another resolution I made is to not throw food at people. This will be made easier if I keep my next resolution, to eat and (most especially) drink less. Then I round out this little orgy of self-improvment with: exercise more (which should not be too difficult , as my current activity level is about equal to that of a couch cushion - unless one counts respiration). So here it is, 1:41 PM on the first Sunday of the new year, and already I have blogged, and consumed no alcohol today. Woo hoo! Ok, enough of that; I don't want this to turn into Bridget Jones' diary, with # of cigs smoked and units of alcohol consumed, etc.

Note to Self: (and anyone else who may read this, I suppose) I seem to start sentences with the word 'so' quite a bit. Let's see how that works as I keep writing.

Now I'm going to dig up some info. on poetry, and try to learn, or re-learn, something about it. Then I will follow with the first poem of the year!

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