Saturday, January 16, 2010

Status Update:
Week: 2
Day: 7
# of hours spent thinking about blog: 9 (approximately)
# of people I have told about blog: 2
# of blogs for the week: 1 (this is #2)
# of poems for the week: 0
Level of panic: High
Likelihood of posting sonnet before midnight tonight: High
Likelihood of misspelling 'likelihood': High

Pointed Observation:
The second week of any resolution is the tough one; the one that separates the men from the boys. (So, if that's the case, what am I doing here? lol)

Random Observation:
If you are over 30 and still say, 'AWESOME!!!' frequently, it's not as cool as you think. I know it's an opinion thing, but trust me, I'm quite confident I'm right.

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