Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Songs/Dreams/Bad Dolls

So I do not yet have a poem made up of song lyrics. Since I brilliantly reasoned out that song lyrics basically ARE poems I decided this could easily get very 'schmaltzy.' So, in going over different songs I realized two things:
#1. I still start waaay too many sentences with the word 'so.'

#2. I need to put some kind of twist on this.

#3. It's kinda fun to combine titles into songs-that-should-never-be-written-titles. Here are just a couple:

-I Want to Hold Your Orange Nickers (from I Want to Hold Your Hand, Beatles and The Power of Orange Nickers, Tori Amos)

-I Love You a Bushel and a Peck, a Bushel and a Peck and a Hug Around the Cape Horn (that old song we all sang as kids, and Valpariso, Sting)

-It's Like Thunder, it's Like Lightening, Electric Avenue (Knock on Wood and Electric Avenue)

Do you have one?

And now for something totally different! (as Monty Python would say)

So, the other night I woke up from a dream laughing. Really. You know how sometimes you make a joke in a dream, but then when you wake up and think about it, it actually makes no sense? Well, maybe that's just me. But this time my dream joke was still funny (at least to me) after I woke. I was imagining bad toys, and had a list of 3 or 4. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, I can only remember this one:

In the category Toys that Should Never Be Made is the paper doll that is an emo Barbie called:
Cut and Paste and Cut Barbie

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  1. Yes, songs can be poems on their own, although much more abstract, with the emotion coming from the disposition of the musician--and the beauty of this is finding lines from songs in very different genres from different points of view and surgically creating something new