Friday, October 1, 2010

Fear of Intimacy

It's a great morning! It's Friday! I have no pressing responsibilities and no place I have to be until Sunday. I'm thinking in iambic meter :o)
It's one of those georgeous fall days in the Midwest - sun shining, leaves turning. I have a cup of good, strong coffee at hand, Emma at my feet and life is generally good; so naturally this inspires me to write a 'downer' poem, lol. Go figure.

You frighten me
My guard is up
I’m not letting you in

I pull my fears
Around me close,
Just like a second skin

And there you sit,
Smug smile in place,
Assured that you will win

You pour a glass
For each of us
-Always how you begin…

We thrust and parry
Back and forth;
I can't help it, I grin

That’s close enough,
Arm’s length for you.
Let’s just enjoy our gin

You look at me;
Resolve starts wearing thin

My fears recede
As you advance -
My head now starts to spin

Then I decide
It’s worth the risk
And finally let you in.


  1. I didn't feel it was a downer - but rather playful. :) Enjoy the fall!

  2. Thank you. As I read over it I agree with you, and I do enjoy the fall. It's the sudden stop at the end that can pose a problem...or did you mean that other Fall? lol

  3. this piece is perfect for out poetry potluck,
    7 deadly sins is the theme of week 6.

    hope to see you in.