Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Here is a little sonnet for October:


October skies are smiling down on me,
And golden birch leaves counterpoint the space
With dapples against lapis lazuli;
The sun’s indulgent rays caress my face.
The earth reacts with bird and beast and tree-
Both blood and sap respond with changing pace.

At night October’s skies are clear and cold.
As evening falls the temperature does too,
And frosty fingers reach out to enfold
Each branch and blade and rock in frozen dew.
His winds displace and chase away the old
To leave a barren palette for the new.

So are these days more precious to the heart
For knowing they will all too soon depart?


  1. The final couplet seems kinda trite or 'schmaltzy' to me.

  2. I was born on October 2nd, love your poem.

    more precious to heart, soon they will depart.
    love the rhyme and perfect flow.

  3. Thank you, and happy belated birthday!