Monday, October 25, 2010

Poetry Potluck, love

I just found something called Poetry Potluck. Their writing prompt for this week is 'Love and Romance.' It actually made me think of a poem I already wrote...for Sunday Scribblings, so here is that one and another. :o)

It strikes like a bolt of lightening
Out of the blue;
And we are left,
Wondering where to hide the bodies.

Let’s Pretend

Let’s pretend then, you and I
That we have wings and we can fly
Fast and far and wide and high
Up to the sun; all through the sky.

Let’s pretend then, you and me
That we can live beneath the sea
We’ll swim and float and wander free
And meet with octopi for tea.

Let’s pretend then, me and you
That we can love when the moon is new
Under the stars, in the cool, wet dew
And never doubt, or be untrue.
You won’t hurt me, I won’t hurt you.

Yes, let’s pretend….


  1. Meet with octopi for tea - lovely! I love this. I love how it repeats. Simply beautiful!

  2. A fine game indeed! Let's pretend, and it can come true. Thanks.

  3. Glad you stopped by poetry potluck. Love how your poem flows...the rhyme and meter just draws the reader in.

  4. Your entries ticked me, Mary.

    Welcome to Poetry Potluck!

  5. haha lets pretend the i dont like this - but i do really!

  6. we need to pretend and mend,
    love is fragile.

  7. Thank you all, and thanks for the Potluck, what fun!

  8. This is an all true sentiment, "let's pretend then...", and yet to truly love is to give as much as possible and how is it possible not to hurt and be hurt when baring ourselves. This touched my heart. :))

  9. I enjoyed both your poems so much. Oh, the second one..."let's pretend"...yes, I think that is a part of love...maybe the magic part?

  10. LOL! I just re-read my post and realized that I typoed 'tickled' as 'ticked' (D'OH!)

    I meant that your entries TICKLED me, Mary.
    (I'm not ticked off or anything like that) :)

  11. Mary,
    "let's pretend" that is a nice touch.

  12. @ Eric: Hahaha - I read it as tickled too!
    @ Flaubert - thanks :o)

  13. I have to say, your first one is very clever and such an uncliched take on a topic that is probably the hardest to write on without getting trite/cliched. Brilliant little piece, IMO. Enjoyed the other too, but the urgency and surprising impact of the first really got me. Bravo. You write well

    Luke @ WordSalad

  14. Thanks so much Luke. The first one is my fav too.