Monday, April 20, 2015


Here I am,
half way through
(if I live to be a hundred)
and what have I accomplished?
Not a lot…
a half-time job that
I only half hate,
a half-assed attempt
at a novel and a poetry book,
half a dozen children
and a husband who’s  
a half-wit,
gives me a full measure
of loving.

Meh…not half bad.

Alrighty then, over in the Imaginary Garedn Karin prompted us to write a poem that somehow used the word or concept of “half.”  Sorry, I was only half serious about this one. ;-)

In the interest of whatever interest there might be, I have taken some poetic license  in the above poem to incorporate the term “half,” i.e. I have two children, not six and my husband really isn’t really a half-wit.


  1. Ha.. the glass is more than half full...

  2. I like this - lots of halves here. More than the sum of its parts. Mosk

  3. At least as fun as half-a-barrel of monkeys--and very glad about the spouse--though sometimes I think the full-wits are worse. ;_)

  4. lol being a half wit beats no wit

  5. Nice. You brought it home full

    ALOHA from Honolulu,

  6. Not half bad at all, and a half wit is better than no wit at all! Bravo!

  7. you needn't apologize for your choice of husband. for all we know, you have 2 each by 3 different :) ~