Friday, July 27, 2012

Morning Glories

Morning glory hues
saturated purple, pink
my eyes overflow


Chromagraphic feed
grows to epiphany from
psychedelic seed


Brave morning glory
in the language of flowers
you speak of yearning


Early morning cool
leaves its  dew drop calling card
on blossom, stem, leaf


Climb inside my mind
you crazy, twisted creeper-
bloom bright, leave your seed

Images: Mary Bach

A friend asked me about the flowers in the above pictures, which led me to look up Morning Glories since all I knew was the name.  According to Wikipedia I learned, among other things, the seeds have psychotropic properties when taken in large quantities and represented love in vain to the Victorians.  I have incorporated these tidbits into 55 words of Haiku for G-man's FF-55.  Click on the link to check out all the offerings or add your own.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Fast Track

“… the strokes expanding as entities in themselves, unrelated to any entity but that of their own existence." 
-Franz Kline

We rush through an
infinite loop of days

in vigorous pursuit
of status quo,

ignoring the peace
of blank spaces.

Image: Figure Eight by Franz Kline

The image that inspired this can be found at The Mag along with the responses of other writers.  Have a look; maybe give it a try yourself.

Friday, July 20, 2012

What's Wrong with US?

12 - Aurora, Colorado – 7/20/12
13 - Fort Hood, Texas – 11/5/09
15 - Binghamton, New York – 4/03/09
5 - DeKalb, Illinois – 2/14/08
8 - Omaha, Nebraska – 12/05/07
32 - Blacksburg, Virginia – 4/16/07
5 - Salt Lake City, Utah – 2/12/07
5 - West Nickel Mines, Pennsylvania – 10/02/06
9 - Red Lake, Minnesota – 3/21/05

What the fuck?

Please excuse my language.  I don’t normally use obscenities, but this 55 topic is obscene, and getting to be far too “normal” here in the United States.  These are the numbers shot and killed, the locations and dates of the “Worst U.S. Mass Shootings in Recent Years” as reported by WTMJ Newsradio.  I don't even know how to process this...
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Image by Karl Gehring/ The Denver Post

Friday, July 13, 2012

Small Talk

We sit, one couch cushion apart;
details of our lives
lay in heaps at our feet.

Two days’ time is not enough
to rub through  the polite veneer
on our conversation.

We are witty,
but our laughter sounds thin:
ice cubes clinking in a cocktail glass.

We stay on the periphery
civilized, trivial.

This is for the sorely missed G-man and his FF55 where folks offer 55 words of their choice.  Check it out!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

For the Magpies

    First-born, daughter,
    I will name you Ophelia
    and I will teach you to swim

    Image:Ophelia by Redon

This is written in response to the image provided at The Mag.