Friday, May 31, 2013

Alien Life

I swear
I must be an alien,
just visiting this planet,
without a clue
to the workings of this world
or its inhabitants.

I don’t want to draw
attention to

I try to figure out how to act
by observing
the indigenous species,
so I can blend in
and appear to belong.

When I was a kid my friend Lori gave me a teeshirt that said "I'm just visiting this planet" I wonder what she knew...
This is for G-man and his FF55 where folks offer 55 words of wisdom, wimsey or whatever!  Click on the link and check it out.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Peaceable Kingdom

     Image from

Here in my fort
of cushions and chairs
draped with blankets,
I am Queen of all I see -
from one end of the living room
to the other.

In this kingdom
everyone is happy;
and no one fights
or leaves 
or divorces.

Here I sleep with arms flung wide,
safe in a memory.

This is for Mama Zen's Words Count at IGwRT.  Click on the link and check it out.

Sunday, May 26, 2013


     Image: Ponytail by Last Exit

I breathe you
in long, lovely inspirations

You fill my lungs,
circulate through my
blood stream,
fill me

saturated, satiated
I dissolve into

*Thermochemistry is the study of the energy and heat associated with chemical reactions and/or physical transformations.

Written for The Mag creative writing site.  Click on the link and check it out.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Head Space

If  I could hurl myself outside 
the pull of gravity
in an impossible trajectory
through time and space
could I escape
the soft, scratching sounds
inside my head?

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Friday, May 24, 2013

Turning Off Autopilot

    Image by

Driving too fast -
top down, 
wind through my hair
sometimes I need to go so
in the periphery
is a blur

A little danger
around the corner
keeps things interesting,
keeps me awake,
alive -
not just
going through
the motions

I won’t be on
autopilot at 110
instead of

   Image by Mary Bach

This 55 is for G-man and his FF55.
(Yes, I know, in the picture I'm not moving at all...but isn't this vehicle a great choice to go too fast in?)

Friday, May 17, 2013


The crumbs of your good intentions
are scattered on the table -
sweet, but not filling.

And tonight the scraps of
left-over promises
are enough to sustain me.

But in the wee hours I wake
hungry, wistful,
dreaming of banquets
and second helpings.

But there is never enough
to go around.

This is for G-man and his FF55.  Follow the link and see it for yourself!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

After Dark

    Image by Daniel Murtagh

In the long winter nights
when time eclipses thought
and dreams bleed into waking
I question the turning of the stars.
Which of them is already dead,
how much longer until 
their lights go out, 
and how will I navigate
through the treacherous dark?

Spooned into the hollow of your arms
I count on your tenderness.

The image above was provided long ago by Tess Kincaid as a prompt for The Mag.  I never managed to write anything at the time, but the image haunted me until I recently paired it with something I wrote for G-man's FF55.  Check out both of these links for some wonderful poetry.

Friday, May 3, 2013


She draws out pain like a silver wire,
assessing its ductile strength.
Without break or flake
it stretches on and on.
One long line
tempered with silence.

Then she strings her sparkling ache,
upon the loom, warp and weft,
she weaves without seam
from the top down, 
and fashions it around
her heart.

This is for G-man's FF55.