Sunday, September 30, 2012


It Must Be Time For Lunch Now, Francesca Woodman

Leave your offering
for the kitchen gods
as they sharpen their teeth.
Pay tribute
to their need
with smooth, grey hours.

Then crouch on the ledge
and let the view
snatch your breath
as you fly,
vulnerable and knowing,
to the chalk outlines below.

This writing prompt and more responses can be found at The Mag.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Friends Stick Together

Time and again
we break and mend:
a toy, a tool, a leg, a spirit.
And when you shatter
who will hear it,
and fit together
the pieces of you?
Who’ll take your side
and see your view?
Is it Super Man
in his scarlet cape?
No it’s me
with my trusty old
duct tape!

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These 55 words worth of bad puns are for G-Man's FF55.  
Check it out!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Sevenling: A.M.

   Wandering downstairs with
   crusty eyes, scarecrow hair
   and sheet-creased face

   Just one more chapter…
   one more paragraph…
   one more sentence…

   Remember when life was more engaging than books?  Me neither.

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Written for IGwRT.  The poetic form called Sevenling, consisting of seven lines, two tercets each with some sort of list of three with the final line creating an impact.  For a much better explanation and examples check out the link.  Also shared with dVerse Poets Open Link Night

Friday, September 21, 2012

My Quotable Dad

Here are five sayings from my very funny, quotable dad:

     1.       Last year I couldn’t spell engineer – now I are one.
     2.       …and he finished it in one swell foop!
     3.       Time wounds all heels.
     4.       He who tooteth not his own horn, the same shall not be tooteth.
 and finally:
     5.       I love you.

Today my dad, Jack Bach would have celebrated his 96th birthday, if he had not left us in 2006.  I still think of him almost every day.  He was smart and funny and kind and really had a way with words.  So here are about 55 of his words for  G-man at FFF55.  
Happy Birthday Dad – I love you too!

Image from Blogmocracy

Sunday, September 16, 2012


     Image: Venus and the Sailor by Salvador Dali

Morning star, cloudy seductress
sailing across heaven,
you begin at the end
with a counter-clockwise pirouette.

Smelling of
wind and waves and earth,
pearl eyed, ocean-bred,
born of sea-foam,
you shimmer with life.

Sister, lover, mother
swallow me whole
and let me melt in your belly.

The prompt for this piece can be found at The Mag where creative expression is shared and encouraged.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Monday Morning in the City

Hard sunlit scowl
whacks me to the pavement;
bruised cheek and ego,
scream for a break, but
it’s a smack down –
no compromise.

People teeming, streaming past
over and around.
Get outta the way
or squashed under foot.

Serving up
a steaming helping of
 gimme -
everyone’s clamoring
for seconds.

-Image by Scott Olson, Getty Images

This is for Friday Flash 55.  Check it out and maybe add your own 55 words of wisdom of foolishness for G-man.