Sunday, October 31, 2010

Another Favorite Quote:

Inspiration stalks us through gloom. -HD, Trilogy

#239 - Intense, Sunday Scribblings

I had trouble coming up with something for the prompt 'intense.' Guess I was feeling more lacksidasical. I started toying with it first, word-play:
Intense/ In tents/ In tenths/ In tent city
But I think I have finally come up with a rather intense little poem:

Ember eyes burning
Bitter hands clenching

So close
I smell tunafishsandwich
From lunch

So loud
I can’t hear a word

The words pour out
I can’t stop

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Quotation re: poets

Poets are not afraid to drown. -Janet Frame

I don't know quite what this means, or why I am so drawn to it. Any ideas?

Friday, October 29, 2010

Magpie Tales #38

She entered the cemetery,
And ran a finger
Along the top of a tombestone
As she passed.

The chill night air
Blew back her short red dress,
Blew through her long red hair,
As she lifted her face
To the full moon
And smiled.

She stepped over
A tipped and broken headstone.
Stopped at the next,
A pristine marker,
And sat
Her shapely bottom down.

She pulled off her heels,
Throwing the shoes aside
And danced.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Poetry Potluck, love

I just found something called Poetry Potluck. Their writing prompt for this week is 'Love and Romance.' It actually made me think of a poem I already wrote...for Sunday Scribblings, so here is that one and another. :o)

It strikes like a bolt of lightening
Out of the blue;
And we are left,
Wondering where to hide the bodies.

Let’s Pretend

Let’s pretend then, you and I
That we have wings and we can fly
Fast and far and wide and high
Up to the sun; all through the sky.

Let’s pretend then, you and me
That we can live beneath the sea
We’ll swim and float and wander free
And meet with octopi for tea.

Let’s pretend then, me and you
That we can love when the moon is new
Under the stars, in the cool, wet dew
And never doubt, or be untrue.
You won’t hurt me, I won’t hurt you.

Yes, let’s pretend….

Sunday Scribblings #238 - Curious

The Sunday Scribblings writing prompt 'Curious' made me think of The Olde Curiosity Shoppe, how curiosity killed the cat and how, for Alice, things got 'curiouser and curiouser.' Then, in a sutiably playful mood, I started thinking of things that made me curious, made me wonder:

Did you ever wonder
‘Bout when the world was new?
Or how to build a storm cloud
Using only frowns and dew?

And how do plants remember
To flower every spring
Do they consult a calendar?
Or tie a knot with string?

And what goes on inside that egg
Before the bird breaks free?
I’d use feathers, love and duct tape
If it was up to me

And Sun remembers every day
Just when to set and rise
What sort of watch does he possess
To carry through the skies?

So many curiosities
Are all around us here,
Some great and grand, some humble -
I wonder… don’t you, Dear?

Saturday, October 23, 2010


One more autumn picture for now.

I live in the middle of nowhere, and this time of year especially, it's a lovely place to be!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Cascade Poem

Somewhere out there in the blosisphere I read about cascade poems. I don't remember where or any other specifics, but the form is that each line of the first stanze is used as the final line in each of the following stanzas. So, the form would be




So, here is my rough draft of that form...a bit more difficult than I thought it would be. I'll try to do some editing after sleeping on it for a night or two.

Cascade Poem

While walking along the path today,
And watching the dancing leaves,
I somehow lost my way

I watched the dappled sunshine fall
In abstract patterns at my feet
While walking along the path today

Beneath my feet the path diverged;
I paused, feeling the wind on my face
And watching the dancing leaves

With the day coming to a close
And purple shadows growing long,
I somehow lost my way

Welcome Traveler

Not terribly happy with this, but evidence that I am trying to write. Um...I just finished reading The Hobbit and...well, maybe that has a little bit of influence on what I'm writing today.

Welcome Traveler

Won’t you stay
For a crust and a cup?
Have a seat,
Have a sup
My hearth is warm
Outside it’s cold
Come on inside
That’s not too bold
Won’t you stay
For a cup and a crust
Is this true love
Or merely lust?
Either way
Come, stay

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Something to Consider:

I found this quote on another blog, and am not quite sure what proper blogger etiquette is regarding using a quote found elsewhere. But this is so intriguing I feel compelled to place it here:

Poets are not afraid to drown. Janet Frame

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday Scribbling: Harvest

This week the writing prompt is 'harvest.' I could talk about pumpkins and corn and wheat, but why do that when I can wax morose?

In the autumn
I gather my sorrows
Until the field is empty
I wipe my forehead
With the back of my hand
And look at the stubble
All around me
I smell dirt and

My shoulders stoop
Under the weight
Of my bitter harvest.
I draw no comfort
From the thought that
Come spring
I will once again
Sew my field
With regret

Autumn haiku

Here is a haiku. Pretty simple, but I like the play on words.

Oh the autumn leaves
Such extravagant beauty
As the autumn leaves

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Here is a little sonnet for October:


October skies are smiling down on me,
And golden birch leaves counterpoint the space
With dapples against lapis lazuli;
The sun’s indulgent rays caress my face.
The earth reacts with bird and beast and tree-
Both blood and sap respond with changing pace.

At night October’s skies are clear and cold.
As evening falls the temperature does too,
And frosty fingers reach out to enfold
Each branch and blade and rock in frozen dew.
His winds displace and chase away the old
To leave a barren palette for the new.

So are these days more precious to the heart
For knowing they will all too soon depart?

Friday, October 1, 2010

Fear of Intimacy

It's a great morning! It's Friday! I have no pressing responsibilities and no place I have to be until Sunday. I'm thinking in iambic meter :o)
It's one of those georgeous fall days in the Midwest - sun shining, leaves turning. I have a cup of good, strong coffee at hand, Emma at my feet and life is generally good; so naturally this inspires me to write a 'downer' poem, lol. Go figure.

You frighten me
My guard is up
I’m not letting you in

I pull my fears
Around me close,
Just like a second skin

And there you sit,
Smug smile in place,
Assured that you will win

You pour a glass
For each of us
-Always how you begin…

We thrust and parry
Back and forth;
I can't help it, I grin

That’s close enough,
Arm’s length for you.
Let’s just enjoy our gin

You look at me;
Resolve starts wearing thin

My fears recede
As you advance -
My head now starts to spin

Then I decide
It’s worth the risk
And finally let you in.