Monday, January 26, 2015

With Relish

I am not your sweetheart,
my love is savory,
there is a bite to it.
But oooh baby,
this is the spice of life. 

With this poem I am really playing it again.  I have taken an old poem and heavily edited it to fit into Mama Zen’s request to have us write a Twitter Poem in one of her “Words Count” prompts.  And a Twitter Poem, despite the techy name, is just a poem brief enough to fall at or below Twitter's tweet limit of 140 characters.
Sorry, I forgot to link IGRT, where Margaret asked us to "Play it Again" by using a previous writing prompt.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Here There Be Dragons

   Photo by Mary Bach

I hunger for
the salt of oceans,
warm winds
and the call of sea birds;
to stand at the shore,
caress the waves,
to reach across
the water
where there be dragons.

     Image from

Mama Zen at the Real Garden with Imaginary Toads asked us to tell what we hungered for in 60 words or less. 

A Path Appears

    Photo by Mary Bach

A path appears
beneath your feet so move along
my darling dears.
A path appears,
though you've been stuck for many years
and wonder if it’s right or wrong.
my darling dears
your time has come, move from the throng –
a path appears.

Over at dVerse we were asked to try breaking bad, sort of.  Actually, Brian asked us to try taking form poetry and "breaking" or changing it in some way to make it uniquely our own.  For this I've chosen the form called Rondelet.  This consists of seven lines.  Lines 1, 3 and 7 are a refrain, in the traditional French form this consists of four syllables, in English it's usually two iambs.  The remaining four lines all consist of eight syllables, or four iambs. Line four rhymes with the refrain while the other lines all rhyme with one another. This gives us a rhyme scheme of:  AbAabbA.  I have broken it by adding two more lines of two iambs that rhyme with the refrain.  This changes the form to something like this: A1,b,A2,A1,a,b,A2,b,A1

Friday, January 16, 2015

tenWord Winter

    Photo by Mary Bach

Tracking my grief
through winter woods
this all looks familiar

       ~ ~ ~

Time stops
in the winter temple
drifting at the door

       ~ ~ ~

We shiver
in the winter room
while dreaming of green

       ~ ~ ~

As dusk curls
around my shoulders
stars beckon me, "Come!"

These are ten word poems about winter, sort of.  The tenWord from is in response to Victoria's dVerse prompt.  The form itself is from another member, Brian, who (rightly) stated,     "...after ten words no one is listening anyway." The subject of winter is from Fireblossom at Real Garden with Imaginary Toads.  I'm not sure if I quite captured the human emotion she asked for but, oh well!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Black Holes

What are our chances?
We could look
for the primordial lifetime.
Although far away,
we observe such intensity,
as if
there were
positive evidence.
Tell us
there can be more.
Make one source,
draw toward common times-
even if…

   Image by Mary Bach

Over at dVerse Bjorn asked us to try Blackout Poetry.  The idea is to find poetry in others’ words.  Simply select a book-page, print it and black out everything you don’t want. Copy down the text (keeping it in order). Add line-breaks and or punctuation marks as you want.  In keeping with the title I chose for my source A Brief History of Time (page 113) by Steven Hawking.  Here he talks about, among other things, black holes!  

Thursday, January 1, 2015


“We desire an exciting future, but the demand for familiar and comfortable tempers our steps to the point that often our steps are little more than stepping in place.”   Craig D. Lounsbrough

Look to the horizon
while treading water.

Out there,
where the sun
meets the edge of the earth,
your adventure waits.

While treading water,
look to the horizon. 

Over in the Imaginary Garden Susie asked us to write about the coming New Year.  She gave us several quotes to consider, including the one I have above.  This one is just a little reminder to me, and to you too, if you need it,  New sights, sounds, experiences and mistakes are all waiting for us in this shiny new year, 2015 - but we have to get out there and try! 
So, thank you all for your support and encouragement, and I wish us all the very best mistakes and adventures in 2015!