Monday, June 15, 2015

Call Waiting

    Image by Sarlota Ban

There is no one on the line
no one to talk to
no one to listen

when I call your name

There are no more wires
no strings
attaching source to end point
sender to receiver
me to you

What can I do  
with these antiquated emotions?

Box them up,
in a plain brown wrapper
sealed with packing tape
to be placed safely in the back
of a rented, storage unit?

Or do I save them
to an external sorage device
forever safe
able to be accessed
at some future date?

Or do I write them out, longhand…
in cursive
on heavy, scented parchment
then roll it up
and slip into a bottle
to be stoppered
and thrown to the sea?

When I call your name
there is no one to talk to
no one to listen

After a VERY long dry spell I am glad to be back and linking this to Magpie Tales, the weekly, creative writing prompt.