Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Free verse poem #1

So, February is over. It's March. The short poem/short month idea didn't pan out so well. This month I'm just going to try to write a lot. A lot of poems. So far I have two poems which I'm not terribly pleased with, but maybe by the end of the month, if I keep it up, there will be a few that I like. So, here is the first... I actually wanted to talk about appearance vs. reality, but it ended up a little off kilter in both poems. Still, maybe the next one will come closer to the mark.

Pretty as a Picture?

From the outside
Looking in
We make a pretty picture -
One could almost say
A work of art.
But all that’s seen
From that vantage point
(From the outside
Looking in)
Is a flat, varnished finish;
No one can see
What’s beneath the surface
Or the way the colors
Have run and separated -
Not so much a masterpiece
As a failed still-life.

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