Monday, June 14, 2010

Ok, I haven't written here in ages. Guilt. Lashings with wet noodles.
Now...out in the real world, the biggest thing happening in my life, I guess, is that Kate, my beautiful daughter, is in Mexico for the summer. She is learning that she still has a lot to learn about understanding the Spanish language, and is taking classes there for the next 9 weeks.
The other biggest thing is that Mike, my amazing son, graduated. From college. No, I'm not really that old. Yes, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. And...yes, he will be moving back home. At least for a little while.
So, here is a sonnet that has nothing to do with any of that :o)

Light and Shadow

The sun comes out and beams his smile at me
And I return his grin in Cheshire style
The light shines down on everything I see
Exposing every detail without guile
And while I know this lovely light to be
Beneficent, I am not in denial
The lovely silver moon’s what I prefer.
The softer sister who inhabits night
Who’s lesser light is striking, yet demure
She lets the shadows coexist with light,
Yet keeps her place among the stars secure.
Together light and shadow make the whole
Just like confused impulses of my soul.


  1. What beautiful pictures this sonnet paints.
    'Together light and shadow make the whole' much the same can be said for all of us. Nice one Mary.