Monday, July 25, 2011

Sun and Moon

I have been out with the bright sun,
among the sensible people
of the work-a-day world
where everyone has lists and suits and goals.
Click-clack go fast footsteps
of women with their souls
Squeezed into high heels,
their essences
listed in descending order of importance.

But as the moon rises
and empties the sky of light,
I shed the concerns
of that left-brained world.
In the darkness
I am the dawdler by the bridge
dipping my fingers in cool, inky ripples of time.
My essence defies listing, definition,
jumps off the note pad
and dances seductively,

I lose myself
in deep night sky,
yet Moon’s cool, silver light
will guide me back
from outer-most edges of

This has been linked to the Open Link Night at d'Verse Poets Pub.  A fabulous place to go to read or share poetry.  To get there just click on the title.  It's well worth a visit.


  1. Yeah all the mundane
    Can really make one pop a vein
    But at night
    Ideas can take flight
    Shedding the same old of the day
    Great write and word play

  2. Love the wordplay here... wonderful imagery spurs the muse well.

  3. Pat Hatt- Imagine that!
    Thanks for the read
    and what great speed
    Thanks a lot,
    was gonna say more by I forgot. :o)

    Reflections - Hey I really appreciate it. And I wasn't even linked to any prompt site! Stop by any time!

  4. nice world play...souls squeezed into high heal...really like the stanza by the bridge dipping your fingers...very nice scene...i dont know if i want to come back from that imagination...smiles.

  5. Another daughter of the moon. This is a classic study in contrasts, well-written, tight, with a regimented first stanza that reflects the subject so clearly it's almost a physical relief to draw breath and feel the water of time rippling on one's fingertips in the second stanza. Loved it, Other One. ;_)

  6. Mary! This is fantastic! This is my second moon worshiping poem to hold me fascinated today! She is indeed the one church I confess to attending! :) Love the image as well. Wonderful!

  7. Mary I love the poem about moon worshiping. Thank you so much for sharing

  8. I thought you used some wonderful language here to illustrate the dichotomy of day and night life. Loved it :)

  9. Brian - yes, those high heels are not comfortable for souls or feet! Thanks.

    Hedgewitch - Thanks - I was a bit worried that this dichotomy has been over-done. I am definately a moon child though, as you said :o) -OM lol

    Natasha - Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed it.

    Ayala - Hey thanks!

    Lori - Thank you, I appreciate your comments.

    Ann - Thank you. Yes, I'm much more a moon worshipper than a sun worshipper!

  10. souls squeezed into high heels -- ain't that the truth.

    I do like to wear 3" wedge heels from time to time -- for fun tho. Not work.

    maybe you can bring that moon magic into the daytime too, keep those outer edges of imagination ever dancing!

  11. Jannie - Hey, I like the occasional heel too, but for fun, as you said. Sometimes they're good for dancing! Thanks for the read and the comment.

  12. Rosemary - Thanks for the read and the comment!