Thursday, September 1, 2011

What's for Breakfast

The chicken looked at me
And said
Don’t try to distract me
With that
‘Sky is falling’ shit
Those are my babies
Scrambled on your plate -

Here is a humorous poem for Poetry Jam, a great site for writing prompts.  To go there and read more click on the title.  This poem is one I wrote awhile ago for Magpie Tales, another great site and that's the picture is from.


  1. lol- That is funny. It reminds me of a friend who always tells me the sky's not falling when I'm stressing out about something.


  2. Laurie - And do you run around like a chicken with its head cut off? lol, Thanks for reading and commenting.

    Peter - Don't you have talking chickens in Ireland? lol, thanks for stopping by.

  3. Im SUCH a sucker for swears in poems. ha!

  4. Well now I want bacon & eggs for dinner. And I don't feel at all guilty about it. Heh.

  5. hahahah:) didn't see this coming. counterintuitive humor is great and rarely done well. thanks:)

  6. Evelyn - glad to oblige :o)

    Bug - haha, good!

    Timoteo - Thanks, you too! Although, maybe I'm just a big chicken!

    Helen - Thanks!

    Rachel - Excellent, thank you!

    Deborah - Thanks much.

    Ed - Thanks for reading Ed. Glad you got a laugh.

  7. posted this before right? still fun...and the pig cringes in the corner protecting his bacon...

  8. Hi Brian - Yes, this is a repeat. Thanks for, poor little piggy, probably ran all the way home!

  9. I think you caught the attitude just right. I remember thinking the chicken was Dali.

  10. Haha brilliant. I love it.

  11. Cello: Thank you!

    Barbara - Thanks. This is a rerun, as you can tell.

    Jack - Thanks - I'll check out yours as well.

  12. i thought it was cute. imagine, a poem that ends with barbarian! and find it lighthearted. but i do:)

  13. Ed - Thanks, glad you found it funny.

  14. this is really funny and i find it matching the expression of the chicken in the picture. in a deeper sense this is something we don't think when we partake a delicious dish of scrambled eggs. are we supposed to feel guilty?

  15. Fallenelegy - Actually, eggs that you buy at the store are not fertelized, so enjoy that omlette without guilt. Of course we won't mention the