Wednesday, November 9, 2011



You ask ‘Do you think
you will ever be able
to trust me completely?’

I don’t know how to
answer - for how can I trust you
when I can’t trust myself?

This has been linked to Gooseberry Garden for their prompt 'feathers, fidelity, figment and fables.' 


  1. Oh boy. Do I ever relate. This is the big knobby kernel at the core of our fear, isnt it? Wow, I have only been awake half an hour and so far have encountered some amazing truths on this screen to the world that I live in!!!!

  2. So profound here to today
    Yes that truly would cause dismay
    Trust is a fickle thing
    Should avoid any type of fling..haha

  3. Sherry - Thanks so much. I'm both glad and sorry that resonates with you too.

    Pat - Yes, that one of the many different areas of trust between people. ty for stopping by!

  4. agreed, good question.

    you don't trust me, how can I trust you?

    or if I don't trust myself, then hard to trust others.

    cheers, Glad to see you at poetry picnic.


  5. I like this. Succinct and powerful in its brevity.