Tuesday, February 28, 2012

From Soup to Nuts

#1 The List

Let’s see… I’ll take:

-3 cans of Courage
-2 cans of Confidence
-4 cans of Not a Nerd
-1 can of Whoop-ass

#2 Shopping at the Specialty Store

Imagine going to the store and
finding a can of 
Extra Time
on the top shelf.
I’d take the family size

Or maybe I’d pick up
a case of
Autumn Mornings,
extra crisp variety

And of course I’d grab me
a big ole’ can of 
True Love
(in heavy syrup)

But just my luck 
I get home,
unpack my purchases,   
and find the can opener  

#3 Schmitz Market

Schmitz Market
at the corner of Washington and 12th
always smelled
like hard salami and jump rope

Walking into its coolness
on a hot summer day
was as good as licking the dust
off a stick of Doublemint gum

Mr. Schmitz had dancing eyes
 and a smile that showed his delight
with his lot
beneath the bloody apron
 behind the meat counter
in his little shop

At the cash register
Mrs. Schmitz,
round and smiling,
always threw  a Saf-T-Pop
into the grocery bag
(she remembered my favorite flavor was green)

The last time I left the shop
the sound of bell,
ringing as it hit the glass door,
was cheerful as ever

But the clinking of wine glasses
in the chic, upscale wine bar it is now
just sounds wistful

These are for The Mag and dVerse open link night, both great places to check out if you are a writer or reader.  (Photo prompt is from Tess Kincaid at The Mag).

Photo credit: Bob Adelman, 1965


  1. Mary,

    I love this. Would you pick me up a can of Autumn Mornings while you are there?

    I am in the process of watching a lifetime memory, Grandma's house, being razed to make room for a medical complex. I understand the feelings here only too well.

    What a fantastic read on this rainy morning.

    1. Thanks Beth! I'll be sure to get the Autumn Mornings. I think 1 can has 3 servings, lol. Sorry about your grandma's. My grandma's is still standing, but now surrounded by apartments and town houses.

  2. hahaha I want cans like the first one
    They sound like such fun
    I just hope a can doesn't really whoop my little rhyming ass
    I'd had to get scarred by their steel or brass

  3. I'll take a loaf of world peace, a few pounds of tolerance and a bag of humor please!

    Your Magpie Trifecta is really amazing. I can't choose a favorite - I enjoyed them for totally different reasons.

  4. Thank you so much Helen! I think world peace is in the next aisle...and I fear we may be running low!

  5. Kudos to you for a triple whammy here! :)

  6. This is just a great montage, Mary. It's probably just as well none of that stuff comes in cans--it might end up with that tinny taste. You made the Schmitz's wonderfully real, too. Made me think of an old deli in Chicago I used to think was heaven on earth.

    1. Heehee - that's true. Thanks, that little shop really existed, once, in my home town. It's cool that you had one in Chicago too!

  7. ....mailing extra-sturdy can opener. ~Mary

  8. oo nice...i really like #2...but #3 stole the show for me...what memories and then to be replaced by and upscale wine bar...ugh...sign of the times...sadly...

    1. Thank you Brian. Yea, I like wine, but there are probably enough wine bars already. :o)

  9. "last time i left the shop" gives it a eerie sad feeling.

    i like the cans of courage, reminds me of cans of "kick a$$"


    1. Thanks Zongirk. Everyone needs to open their can of kick ass once-in-a-while. :o)

  10. oh nice..esp. loved the third one about schmitz' market...and yes. I’d too take the family size of the extra time can any time..smiles

    1. Thanks Claudia! Yea, I wish I knew how to can that!

  11. #2 was the one for me...the whishfullness of it hit home. all three well written!


  12. Thank you Cat! I appreciate your comments.

  13. Mary, you did great here love #1 and #2 . cool where you took the prompt :)you made me smile.

  14. You understand my life Mary.... no can opener. The choices in the cans of the first poem were as brilliant as the other two poems. A Magpie trifecta for sure!! Thank you for sharing this feel good trio.

    1. lol, Sorry to hear that Linda, but sounds like we're partners in that, lol. And thank you for your kind words!

  15. Like the idea behind this.

    Love the execution.

    Aces work here.

  16. Yes, where are the mom-pop grocery stores of yesteryear?

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  18. A truly triumphant trio. Perfectly illustrating your talent. I enjoyed all three.

  19. What a fabulous triple-dozer! I wouldn't mind a trolly-dash round the Specialty Store!