Saturday, May 5, 2012

Moon Light

Planting moon
fills the sky tonight
(of course size matters)

And you come
so close…
I can feel you
pulling me out,
pulling me under,
rolling the blood in my veins
like waves on a beach-
crashing, ebbing.

Is there a tide chart?
Can you plot my crescendo?

Note: The moon will officially become full Saturday, May 5 at 11:35 p.m. EDT. And because this month's full moon coincides with the moon's perigee (closest approach to Earth) it will also be the year's biggest.  The moon will swing in 221,802 miles (356,955 kilometers) from our planet, offering skywatchers a spectacular view of an extra-big, extra-bright moon. Source:
Planting moon a  Native American name given to the moon in May.  Source:
Image by: (2011 Supermoon)


  1. Oooh, we have cloud cover today. I hope it's gone before evening so I can see the moon.
    Your photo is gorgeous, and I love your poem to the moon.

    1. Thank you Kay, I hope you got to see the moon. It was lovely.

  2. Very good poem Mary...I hope I wasnt the only one bugging you ;-)


  3. Turning you into a werewolf too?
    Not a nice thing for the moon to do.

  4. I think I read this poem about 5 times, and each time, I get a different meaning. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

    I forgot all about the moon's "special affects" tonight. Ah well.

    1. Oh, I think that's a very good thing - thank you PH!

  5. I endorse the Homemaker's comment. You are very skilled at poems which sound quite straightforward but can be read as extended metaphors.

    The moon at perigee will be only 221,802 miles away. Do you think we should put our hard hats on . . .

    1. Thank you Doctor. Personally I think we should go outside, look up and Hoooowl to the heavens!

  6. gorgeous ode to that big ol' magnificent moon and how connected we truly are to her.

    1. Thank you Laura. A friend of mine told me it sounded like a 'period piece.' lol

  7. A Planting Moon! Wow, never heard of that, but I was told (in a previous life as a farmer) that some species should be planted by moonlight, so I guess it is time to get out there and do it! I agree with the Doc. Your poems are metaphors.
    PS. Thank you for your concern and I am on the way back. There are good things happening under this amazing moon, with a bit of bliss poking through the pain.

  8. Well Stafford, I never met a four (metaphor) I didn't like! And, I looked up full moon names from a number of different cultures, in fact I see I copied the wrong one in my note after the poem, lol, now corrected. I'm glad to hear things are coming along. Welcome back!