Friday, August 3, 2012

Your Attention Please

I dangle my participles
fully exposed,
while marks from your ballpoint pen
curl up my toes.
Slovenly structures
and mixed metaphors
scream for attention:
Yes – I want YOURS!

Here I am!  Right under your nose!
How purple must I make my prose?
Must I act like a fool?  Well ok, here goes:

Here are 55 words of foolishness for G-Man and his FF55.  Check it out for yourself.  With Boris Johnson Mayor of London doing the dangle over the Olympics it seemed the perfect subject for a Flash Friday 55.  Here are some other very funny photo-shopped situations with dangling Boris. And thanks to my special friend for the technical support!


  1. I hate it when things are left dangling. Well, most times. Loved the 55 though.

  2. Letting all the things dangle can be fun, if they dangle in front of the right eyes I suppose haha

  3. Oh My....
    Being continually Pricked and Prodded by Double Entendres leaves me Spent..
    Give me a few minutes to spring back into action.
    (Music to Final Jeopardy is playing in the background)
    OK...I'm ready for round TWO!!
    Loved your 55 My Friend...You Rock Mary Bach!!
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

    1. :o) Why not use the same words to say more than one thing - especially when we only get 55! :o) I hope you have a great weekend too G-man!

  4. There you go, break all those rules and get as purple as you please :) Fun 55

  5. hehe great fun in this one...curling toes and dangling things oh my...smiles....

  6. Wonderful! One wonders about Boris's pained expression and the discreet UK flag.
    Boris is great! A breath of fresh air in the stagnant swamp of British politics - except he's running out of mouths to put his feet in . . .
    (I checked out the many danglepics in your link, Mary. Hilarious. Thanks)

    1. Haha - good point Doctor. Hopefully his participle isn't damaged. ;-) Glad you liked the link too; there are some really funny ones there.

  7. That was fun. As is writing purple prose. And rhymes. I love rhymes. They make me feel like a child again.

    1. Thanks Nessa. I think a little childishness is a good thing now and again! Keeps us from taking ourselves too seriously.

  8. LOL... Very witty. I enjoy trying to make the G-Man's flash 55 fun too :)

  9. Thanks Ayala. Always nice to 'hear' from you. :o)