Friday, February 22, 2013

Days of Our Lives

in your hands
mortar and pestle
 are used to grind time
to a fine powder -
80 grit
to fit
in the hourglass 
figure, in the tarnished 
sliver frame on the mantle.
But sands gather at our
waist and hips, as we
give lip service to the good old days.

Here are 55 timely, shapely words (including title) for the G-man at FF55.  


  1. goo grit to fit in the hourglass....smiles...oo lip service to the good old days...i would rather make good new days...smiles.

  2. Loved how you merged time and figure in this. Excellent.

  3. I love this! Time is certainly hard to capture.

  4. I love the whole idea of grinding time and the way you've expressed it. Excellent write.

  5. Well some lip service is sure not a bad thing haha

  6. wish it was sand at the waist and hips.. might be easier to shake out ;)

    well-spoken, in fine form

  7. Love this one, Mary--it says so much with a simple, clear metaphor--and has the shape aspect to reinforce it, too. Excellent writing.


  8. Nice presentation.
    80 grit is very fine, you know ...

  9. Like the Sands through the Hourglass...
    Funny, thats the ONLY soap opera that I ever followed.
    I would visit my Grandma in the the afternoon, and we watched it together.
    I've seen a few red heads with 'Hour Glass' figures, and they are HOT!!!
    Loved your gritty 55 Mary Bach
    Always the class act you are.
    Thank You for you much appreciated support...You Rock Snow Queen!
    Have a Kick Ass Week-End

  10. I never actually watched it, but remember the slogan (or whatever you call it). Thanks Motor! Thanks for hosting the 55.

  11. I really enjoyed this! including the shape.Somehow I missed yours!
    So I am scurrying around Monday, mopping up after all my 'forgotten s'!

  12. Thank you all! I really enjoyed reading what you've written too!