Friday, December 13, 2013


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One year ago
26 souls fled the planet.
In Sandy Hook
Our innocents
paid for our policies
once again.

I asked google
to jog my memory
but it’s first response was:

Oh America,
I weep for you, and
for Truth
held hostage
at the point of a gun.
What has become of us?

I just googled "Sandy Hook" thinking there might be something on Anniversary/ memorail stuff and the first thing to come up was "Sandy Hook Hoax".  Really???  This makes me so very sad and also frightened.  
This is for G-man and his FF55.  Click on the link and check it out.


  1. ah but you speak truth...even if the world wants to deny it...
    what a sad day to remember as well...

  2. Some of us are lost in lunacy as this reminds us. Surely it will change since many see the folly.

  3. These 26 people deserve to be remembered & not be considered part of a hoax. What a tragedy that someone dared to even suggest it was that!

  4. How awful that 'hoax' should appear in a Google search! A very sad event indeed.

  5. That is just chilling, Mary, and you bring us the despair in the concept really well here--what does it say about us that so many would rather imagine melodramatic, paranoid conspiracies than look at reality? And what is wrong with all of us that this horrific event changed nothing? Thanks for this.

  6. This was another sad, very sad day for America again. When will it all end.

  7. Mary Bach...
    You were the only 55er to write about this today.
    I'm sure it was too painfull a memory to bring about, but we should NEVER forget this.
    Most excellent 55
    Thanks for sharing and playing...You Rock Baby!!!
    Have a Kick Ass Week-End

  8. Yeah, nut jobs indeed to even think hoax. Some people are out to lunch

  9. Goes to show you....maybe you should use Bing. Or not trust the validity of what comes up first in a Google search.

  10. A sad day we will never forget.

  11. It's amazing how something so horrifying and unspeakable could become so much less is such a short period of time. Thank you for reminding us to keep those beautiful lost souls in our hearts and minds.

  12. How very sad. Your question to America sounds loud and clear. We have to keep asking it, calling attention to it.

  13. I agree - it's a defeated feeling. Great write - Mosk

  14. Powerful and so very sad. The policies of the bureaucrats often turn fatal for others.

  15. I googled it and it came up " school" "shooting", etc. The one I particularly liked was "Sandy Hook Promise".. a site that focuses on preventing gun violence.