Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Questions of Identity

1. Who are you and whom do you love?  That's what MarinaSofia asked us at dVerse.  

I love my family and friends, of course,
and I love things unseen, spirits and souls, Creator
I love trees and flowers, oceans,
skies, rocks and autumn,
new snow – but not in March,
fresh spring mornings
sunsets and sunrises all year long.
I love horses, dogs, cats,
and my particular dogs and cats,
Otis, Rusty, Emma, Maggie, Chevy, Lars, Dante, Frank
and all the others.
(Yes, I know I didn't list the people.  Don't read too much into that)
I love elephants,
just about all mammals,
lovely snakes and reptiles,
and flying and travel,
drawing and painting,
music – but not all music,
the smell of fresh bread, cinnamon, lilacs,
solid things,
and also liquid
and ethereal things.
I love the smell of new, clean babies.
I love stars
and I love the blue-black night
that surrounds them,
and I love the moon especially.
And I love tiny frogs and fireflies,
and laying on a big, flat rock after dark
on a cool summer night
and feeling the warmth radiating from it,
warming me though.
I love the smell of wood smoke,
the feel of flannel against my skin,
 and cashmere and silk for that matter.
I love the way little children draw,
before they have been taught
that drawing is hard.
And I love riding very fast
on a strong, dark horse,
the feel of the reins in my hands,
saddle leather against my legs,
 and the motion beneath me.
And I love baths,
very warm steamy baths.
I love Sunday mornings
in bed with strong coffee
and the crossword,
newspaper pages scattered
across the bed,
sun streaming in.
I love the blues and greens of the ocean,
and color…vivid, soft, psychedelic, muted,
and black and white,
and form and line and shadows…
I love shadows.
And I love very cold beer,
and dry red wine
and silver earrings
and “I am not really a waitress” nail polish,
and men,
I do love men.
And women,
and men in kilts,
and men in bowties,
because bowties are cool.
I love umbrellas – red umbrellas,
and rain and thunder and lightning…
I love starting.
I love books and reading and writing
and words.  I am in love with words.
And trains… I love trains,
and toast, and dragons and…

Well, I've sort of gone off the rails here, haven't I? I can’t seem to get past who and what I love in the questions of identity.  There is just so very much cool and lovable stuff in this amazing universe!  And I love that you've read this, even though it's not exactly a poem but more of a list.  


  1. So much to love indeed and you sure love a ton haha

  2. Bowties ARE cool! As are men in kilts! I love this, no pun intended! How nice to learn of the many things that you hold dear!

    1. Haha - Ginny I knew you would like the bowties! My Doctor Who pal.

  3. full of love, which is a very good place to be. And riding a fast horse is true delight!

  4. ha. i would def rock a kilt. i tried to find one last year to wear to school. lol. cool to define yourself by what you love....

    1. Thanks Brian. There are just some many really, really wonderful things in the universe.

  5. smiles... i love trains as well... and the smell of fresh baked daughter just baked one yesterday...hmmm.... a warm bath after a long day out is wonderful... this reads like a collage and in the reading makes visible who you

  6. This was addictive. I couldn't stop reading, and wondering what was next! Looking forward to checking out more of your blog. :)

  7. The intensity, and the small contradictions, the little wisdoms embedded of children loving to draw before they know it's difficult.. I could almost see how you would read this with intensity.

    1. Thank you Bjorn. That bit about the kids' drawing could, and should, be a poem itself.

  8. grins - lots to love, Mary ~

    1. Yes! That's the idea, there is so much to love! :o)

  9. Identity translated through what you experience... A delightfully sensory response Mary - I would have been quite happy for you to go on and on... With Best Wishes Scott

    1. Hahaha - thanks Scott! I thought I went on too long already. Cheers!

  10. "I love trains,
    and toast, and dragons and…" Love this happy poem.

    1. Thanks Debi! I write plenty of unhappy ones too, but sometimes happy is ok.

  11. We are a mosaic made up of all the things we love. I love this charming, bubbling, happy list! (And I love many of the same things). Beautifully expressed!
    I wonder, if I'd asked you what do you NOT love, would this have been a shorter poem?

    1. Haha - interesting. Yes, it would have been shorter I think. I know I have used the word "love" in it's broadest sense. I started to make this list then move on to your next 3 questions, but I couldn't seem to finish this one!

  12. This is such an incredibly joyful piece! This completely made me smile. And your line "new snow – but not in March" made me laugh. Totally with you on not liking new snow in March!

    1. It was a joyful process writing it. I think we sometimes don't spend enough time thinking about the things we love. And, glad the March bit gave you a chuckle.

  13. Well this was a lovely list poems of things and people you love ~ Enjoyed getting to know more of you ~

  14. Reading this made me smile and feel so good - such a bounty of things to love!!!!! And I love that you have so many dogs. In fact, I am envious! I need more

    1. Thank you Sherry - I have to tell you I've had as many as three dogs at a time, but right now Otis is my only one.

  15. Turns out we love many of the same things! :-)

    Greetings from London.

  16. Ah, very good! And I love London too!