Thursday, August 28, 2014


    Photo by Mary Bach

When we meet I am always amazed -
Each time you and
I seem to mesh, to complete one another,
resplendent in the sun and the fun of our uniqueness, yet together a
dynamo of strangeness and largess, suddenly no longer repressed, able to express our


Mama Zen over at the Imaginary Garden asked us toads to write about being weird.  So, this is my weird offering, dediated to my weird friend Lori, who visited recently from her home in Macau.  


  1. Mary, and not Mary against the wall,
    Who is the weirdest of you all? . . . . . . well 'of you both' but it wouldn't rhyme . . . lol

  2. Sorry . . . used wrong email - it's me !! . . . lol

  3. Those are the best kind of friends!

  4. .. well, you look like two peas in a pod ... delectable!

  5. I like your poem, Mary. It is fun to be weird with our good friends. My sister and I are like that, our spouses think we are not quite there, well, just a bit weird (or a whole lot, being married to us they know we are some weird.
    Ladies generally have a good friend like you two, most men are really not close enough to let go. My ex-roommate and I get a little weird though. He is the weird one, I am just 'strange'.

  6. haha oh the weird ones sure make life interesting

  7. Awww!! True friendships have all these qualities. It's great that you are blessed with one! :)

  8. love this! at first i read "largeness" rather than "largesse," which works too, as it seems the two of you would take up a lot of space in a room together. love that.

  9. That is a gift, which doesn't happen often, when it does, it will stay there throughout both your lives. It's great when you start smiling as soon as you see each other after whatever length of time.

  10. Bring on the weird, I say. Then kiss it on the mouth and watch it giggle. :-)