Monday, June 15, 2015

Call Waiting

    Image by Sarlota Ban

There is no one on the line
no one to talk to
no one to listen

when I call your name

There are no more wires
no strings
attaching source to end point
sender to receiver
me to you

What can I do  
with these antiquated emotions?

Box them up,
in a plain brown wrapper
sealed with packing tape
to be placed safely in the back
of a rented, storage unit?

Or do I save them
to an external sorage device
forever safe
able to be accessed
at some future date?

Or do I write them out, longhand…
in cursive
on heavy, scented parchment
then roll it up
and slip into a bottle
to be stoppered
and thrown to the sea?

When I call your name
there is no one to talk to
no one to listen

After a VERY long dry spell I am glad to be back and linking this to Magpie Tales, the weekly, creative writing prompt.


  1. A very nice, well-written story as a response to the prompt.

  2. nice wonderings !

  3. Been there. Especially could relate to the opening four lines.

  4. You have celebrated the end of a dry spell with a great piece.

    Welcome back.

  5. No one on the other end can lead to much talking to yourself haha

  6. Lovely write. Welcome back. :-)

  7. I like the idea of writing your thoughts on parchment paper and throwing them into the gives one a sense of freedom.

  8. Sometimes one gets the the feel of helplessness that anything at all is relevant. Choosing which option though is the problem! Wonderful write Mary!


  9. A long dry spell can work wonders to creativity, I like the questions you ask, how do we really save those memories.. the memories in a bottle sounds actually quite nice.

  10. Have you considered carving them in little spiral hieroglyphs on the inside of a random conch ?

  11. I love the romantic notion of your poem written on paper, placed in a beautiful bottle, bobbing about on ocean waves.

  12. I vote for the bottle and casting them out to sea!

  13. Welcome back, and I loved this, though it was bittersweet.

  14. Thanks for your comment. Write it in the sand...that way it will wash away with the tide.

  15. I've missed you! Happy to see you, and read your lovely prose again.

  16. That telephone line can encircle the planet, when you're connected to Blogland. That way, somebody is bound to listen - even if they don't talk back to you! Which is one stage better than talking to yourself, I guess.*smiles*
    Poignant response to the prompt.