Sunday, August 30, 2020

Growing Pains - 55

There is treasure all around
but you blacken and turn inward.

You are an ink blot
on an illuminated manuscript

a burning nettle
in a field of wildflowers

a sliver
in the knuckle of a pink finger

Let me help you pack
your blanket and suitcase.
You no longer belong
or want to be here.

This is 55 words for Hedgewitch at Verse Escape.  It's regarding a dream I had two nights ago.


  1. I really love this one, Mary. Those images, straight from your dream, are as potent as shots of hard liquor, and they go down with a burn. There a multitude of meanings onve could decipher as to who or what is being described, but the message is clear as white lightning. Thanks so much for this gem in 55 words, and have a kickass weeekend if you possible can.

  2. Wow, powerful. I especially love "You are an inkblot on an illuminated manuscript."

  3. I have known souls like this. I absolutely love this poem Mary!! So many stellar lines!!