Friday, April 5, 2013

I Think of You

Sitting in the driveway
with the engine still running,
singing with Rodriguez.
Our breath condenses
on the windshield;
we hold hands
so fine.

Remember the first time
we heard that song
floating through the alley
so fine?

I’m so glad that I’m with you
here under the stars,
my hand fits in yours
so fine.

This is for G-man's FF55 at the eleventh hour!  And I learned about the muscian/activist/visionary Rodrigues from the Real Toads.  (And I changed the title after listening to a song that Kerry suggested - so the title now is also a title of a song by Rodriguez that can be found here I Think of You. Thanks to Kerry at Skylover!


  1. Isn't it great to have heard about a wonderful person like Rodríguez?
    I love your hand-holding poem with the song floating through.

  2. Rodriguez?
    Never heard of him...
    I'm more of a Head Banger.
    But if he gets a chick in the mood?
    I'm in!!!
    Even your spur of the moment 55's are great Mary Bach
    Thank you for remembering ( wink )
    You are such a sweet girl
    Have a Kick Ass Week End

  3. Aside from his anti-establishment material, Rodriguez wrote a few beautiful love songs. When I read your poem, I thought of one called "I Think of You".

    Here's the Youtube link, if you're interested in listening to it.

  4. oh, this is really lovely and universal. yay!

  5. I LOVE Rodriquez. Did you see Looking For Sugarman? (Hey, G. watch it! It takes place in Detroit.)What a talent. I love the repetition. It's so fine!

  6. there is a very comfortable feeling in reading this...the remembering of times shared...songs are such an anchor for that...and feeling the hands fit just perfect...nice...

  7. Thank you everyone. I'll be around and visit you now. :o) I hadn't hear of this aritist until Marian introduced him at IGwRT. I'm going to watch Looking for Sugarman as soon as I can get it! (Also, I should probably change the title to one of his love songs, thanks Kerry.

  8. Just being with one another where everything fits, sure is the place to be at ones sea.

  9. His is the kind of music to which one can sit and hold hands, isn't it? Great combination of prompts, here, Mary. Quite an effective write.

  10. A sweet poem,,filled with warm and sensual feelings toward this music and one another,,,really enjoyed it,,,

  11. Love poems are often best when they're about basics, and there's nothing more basic than sharing a song, a mood, and a sweaty handgrip. ;_) Love it, Mary.