Monday, April 8, 2013

What If...

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Sometimes I think obsessively
of all the things that could go wrong.
My sense of doom is healthy, strong
it grows and thrives impressively.
Unrestricted, self-convicted,
worrying expressively,
my agonies I just prolong.
Sometimes I think obsessively.

This is a form called an Octain, created by Luke Prater which has a rhyme pattern of A-b-b-a-c/c-a-b-A with each line in iambic tetrameter.  It's linked to IGwRT Open Link Monday and NaPoWriMo Day #8.  


  1. nice...i like the octain....and i think there are many that could some way we all magnify our troubles letting them overcome our day...

  2. This is great. I think the rhythm really reflects the content as well, the way it has a fast pace (if you know what I mean).

  3. Yeah sometimes I obsess to much too, then I just tell myself to shut the heck up(not so nicely) and do what I need to do

  4. Love the subject..well done!

  5. "worrying expressively" ... "sometimes I think obsessively" ... Mary, have you been reading my mail?
    Fabulous write.

  6. Very nice flow and energy within the form. And a smart examination of something that affects all of us at one time or another.

  7. Of almost universal application, I would say. Beautifully focussed and compelling.

  8. I like the way your rhyme scheme gives added emphasis to your words.

  9. " My sense of doom is healthy, strong
    it grows and thrives impressively..."
    and self-convicted--no kidding. I can really relate to this one Mary, and it's very tightly written for maximum impact. Great use of Luke's form, which I've seen many times not used nearly so well.

  10. I can relate to this..some days are just like this..Nicely done, Mary.

  11. Thank you all for you comments. I'm both glad and sorry this one resonates with so many of you!