Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Low Tide

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Monochrome sunset staining the sky
is bad news for sailors and lovers and others
who turn a blind eye to the east.

Driftwood and feathers and tumbled stones
that nobody else will see
wait for the sun, and for you my love
as you wait, as you wait
for me.

So go to the shore
and gather my petticoats
frothy and studded with salt.
Walk into the waves and
feel their embrace
as you wait, as you wait
for me.

This is for NaPoWritMo, and is driving me crazy.  I think the cadence drifted a bit, but I'm running out of day #3!  And I guess I'm linking it to nowhere - so please look for it on Facebook and Google+


  1. So glad I found it..If it drifted, I didn't notice. :)

  2. Fantastic photo choice with the words
    I enjoyed the cadence. The rhyming was bit of a tease -- if this were consistent rhyme, it would have been mesmerizing for me.
    "Monochrome sunset" was a cool expression and thought

  3. You found your footing as the poem progressed and the last stanza is the definition of musical poetry. I love the first three lines there. This is the kind of writing that makes me envious!

  4. Made me think of petticot junction just from the use of the word, I know absurd haha such and embrace sure can be worth the wait.

  5. I think the cadence works--it was the first thing I was going to mention as impressing me, anyway. The idea of a monochrome sunset fits perfectly the sense of incompletion waiting to be cured...really good stuff, Mary. hang in there!You are rocking the challenge.

  6. Thanks everyone! I've also read and commented on your lovely writing. :o)