Friday, April 12, 2013

The Trouble with Love and Similes

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Our love is as bright as the sun.
Well, maybe the moon.
maybe not quite a full moon;
er… a half moon?
Two stars?
Naw, that’s not right.
But for sure, our love is bright as
a really bright street light;
a halogen streetlight,
not the yellowy sodium ones.
And that’s pretty darn bright.

This slightly sill post is for NaPoWriMo which almost fits their prompt, but not quite.  And it's also for G-man who lights up my life with his FF55.


  1. Mary Bach....
    Your creativity knows no boundaries !!!
    Plus I didn't have to remind you...:-)
    I loved your 55 like a dog loves a tree!
    In your honor I am know nibbling on some
    3 year old extra sharp Cheddar.
    Thanks for remembering, and have a Kick Ass Week End

  2. Damn that is pretty bright, damn I didn't use darn

  3. Who says you can't be romantic and realistic at the same time? Smiling at this one all the way, Mary.

  4. Ha! I loved this, the lighthearted honesty. A street light is bright enough for me. Great 55!

  5. Funny and bright. A halogen streetlight of a poem!

  6. This is so great ! I just chuckle at the honesty! thanks-

  7. least it still gives light you know...
    much better than the dark...smiles.

  8. I like the whimsical and honest tone of your poem.

  9. Such a fun poem. I love it and it made me laugh.

  10. Hey, those streetlights can be pretty bright. Still, I'd rather have the sun.

  11. Not all loves are as bright as... well, you know what ;) You've captured it perfectly, and that's pretty darn hard. Bravo!

  12. Thank you everyone for reading and responding! I've visited all of you as well! Cheers!