Tuesday, April 16, 2013


The details of this life pile up too fast,
and dealing with them takes up my whole day.
Can’t get ahead, instead I've just amassed
the details of this life.

Creative pastimes I have pushed away,
and frothy conversations  I rush past.
The tedium does not leave time for play.

 A solitary future I forecast
since tender tete–a-tetes have been delayed
because I am unendingly harassed
by details of this life.

Marian has a form prompt today at IGwRT.  It's a Roundel, which is an eleven-line, three stanza poem with a refrain and this rhyme scheme:  ABAR BAB ABAR   (R = refrain).  It has ten syllable per line, with the refrain consisting of six syllables. The refrain is intended to come from the beginning of the first line.  Also posted at NaPoWriMo.


  1. We certainly dwell in solitude today ... modernization as we call it !!!

  2. very well said..small pleasures sometimes infuse some meaning in the details of life

  3. I commend you for writing in form. I would do more of that but I'm too harassed by the details of this life!

  4. Beautiful ~ we must leave time for play, you know.

  5. gosh, Mary, this is rather fantastic... and gives one pause. for sure.
    i feel it. need to do something about that! well done.

  6. The more we run the more it seems we miss out on under our sun.

  7. Your poem is perfectly titled and you played out that thought very well in each stanza - the repetition really reinforces your theme.

  8. This was wonderful - there is a despair that runs quietly underneath this.

  9. Yes. Sadly...it seems that the things that we should slow to enjoy we must often rush past. You've captured the sentiment well.

  10. "Creative pastimes I have pushed away,
    and frothy conversations I rush past." — Oh, I remember the days when I was that busy. I wonder now, when a walk with the dog is often impossible for me, how I ever managed to live a life so full of details.
    I hope you don't have a solitary future!

  11. You really use the meter and pattern of the form well, Mary--and boy, do I know what you mean!

  12. I feel this more than you realize. Excellent capture, Roundel works good for the subject matter. Well penned, my friend!

  13. I think we need to hide away from the world for an evening, close the door on the world and turn off all demands. I spend more time feeling this way than I do in the way many people think is normal. Excellent work, Sis

  14. Those few short lines speak to me so loud and clear, Mary!

    My suggestion for a cure is slightly left field, a variation on the "if I were to die tomorrow" theme, but you never know. Find a copy and some time to sit down and listen to Karl Jenkins' "A Mass for Peace"; let it wash right over you, completely. Then consider, if you were bound unavoidably to be mown down in a blazing firefight ... tomorrow ... what would you choose to do? What would you consider important? The sure effect for me is to remove all those irritating minutiae, clear the mind, whilst leaving some minutiae that positively enliven you ...

  15. Thank you John, I took your advice and really is wonderful and threaputic.