Thursday, April 11, 2013


I dream of babies:
Content, rocking back and forth
I hum soft and low.
Then tenderly looking down
I find my arms are empty.

My daughter's birthday is the 14 of this month, and she graduates the 18th of next month.  I suppose this has something to do with my dream...
The form is a Tanka, which is a poem based on syllables, with the pattern being 5-7-5-7-7. They work best when those final two 7-syllable lines contain a sort of turn or surprise that the first three lines might not wholly anticipate.  This prompt is from NaPoWriMo Day 11.  


  1. Okay, that chair is cool and sort of scaring me at the same time. The poem is lovely and sad. I think you capture the icky sense of loss that can accompany a sweetie-pie growing up. I enjoyed it.

  2. You have some contrasts going on here. Think the poem has a sweet and melancholy feel, but the image is a bit eerie!

  3. Oh, they grow so quickly. Be proud of her accomplishments.

  4. Cool and freaky chair and before you know it they are grown and out of your lair and hair haha

  5. I need to find a different image for this...thanks all for reinforcing that!

  6. oy...i feel you...a turning of the page is coming...and that def affects your dreams....

  7. Babies grow up. Sometimes I wonder if ever again I'll rock one....