Monday, February 8, 2010

Sunday Scribblings - Message

Some weeks earlier in my parsuings I found a site called Sunday Scribblings.
Basically they give a word for anyone who chooses to write about each week. There are also a number of people who participate and have links there and I have decided to do so as well. Below is my first Sunday Scribbling using their writing prompt 'MESSAGE'

My Message

Touching and intimate
between us two
Pressing close,
Transfer of energy and warmth
From my fingers to your skin -
But here's the rub:
I am not clear
And you misunderstand
My massage

So, I couldn't resist...had to go for the cheap play on words - the mixing up of 'message' and 'massage'.
Emblamatic of how words, actions and intentions between two people can be misunderstood.


  1. Welcome to Sunday Scribblings. I started last week. Having so much fun.

    I love "here's the rub" and "you misunderstand my massage". :)

  2. Very much like the poem and your smile is contagious!

  3. Nice writing - lovely play on the two words.

  4. very clever mary.. here's mine-

  5. Thanks Booguloo! :o)

    Mariusia and Fiveloaf thank you. I really love that about the English language, the difference one little letter can make in a word. And, it does seem to be so easy to misinterpret things, especially between men and women.

  6. brilliant piece.
    you are talented.
    keep writing..


  7. Good one, Mary. I like what you did with the play on words.

    My potluck:

  8. Thank you Jingle!
    Thank you Liv2write2day!

  9. Excellent! I'll have to try this some time. : )