Wednesday, February 3, 2010

February - Short Stuff & Haiku

Wow - January is over! I have now completed 1/12th of my resolution. (which reminds me, 5 out of 4 people don't understand fractions - but I digress) I have written a little bit of poetry, and a whole lot of rambling, random (another r-word would be good here...) rubbish! That's the word. So, now I am faced with February, a difficult little month - at least in Wisconsin. So, for February, as it is a short month, maybe short, little poems. You know, couplets, haikus, maybe even limricks. But they are so short, it's gotta be more than one per week. Maybe several, or a couple shorties and one other poem of any kind. (But don't hold your breath for another sonnet - oof!)

So, this is not new, but here is the best haiku I think I have ever written:
(but as haiku is not a big part of my life, that's not saying a lot O.o)

The bowl of my life
Sits empty on the sideboard
A decoration

Not an overly cheerful little ditty, but I like it.

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